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Aluminum Carport

Foshan Jinhongxing Door And Gate Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of single side shed carport made of aluminum alloy. This covered structure protects vehicles from all environmental conditions, whether rain, snow or direct sunlight. The structure of this carport stands on the pillars on one side. One must not compare it with garage, as it doesn't create an enclosed structure, but creates a shed and allows for ventilation. The size of aluminum carport can be based on the number of cars to be parked under it. This system with a well treated surface is resistant against weather, UV and fire. The hardness of this system makes it ideal for installation in school, hospital, hotel, mall and other residential and commercial buildings.

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Aluminum Alloy Singleside Shed Carport

  • Main Material:Alloy Aluminum
  • Product Type:Aluminum Alloy Singleside Shed Carport
  • Application:commercial & Residential
  • Size:Customized
  • Surface Treatment:Polished